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Aqua Marina Coil SUP Leash 10'/7mm


Aqua Marina Paddle Board Waste/River Leash 9'/7mm

Aqua Marina Paddle Board Surf Leash 9'/6mm

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Stay safe on the water and don't loose your board.
The SURF straight leash by Aqua Marina is designed specifically for your safety and comfort to keep the board with you at all times.
It has 2 Stainless Steel swivels on rail saver and foot-strap and solid webbing & velcro with quick release tabs.
There is a soft neoprene cuff with Velcro which can be attached easily and securely.
Extreme flexibility means no catching on the board as you move around. The cord is covered by a thick, soft and durable pvc tube that won’t let you down in the surf.

9'/6mm mellow wave surf leash